Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Hooooooeeeee!!!! >.<

I got my hair cut last night but the stupid haircutter (er) did a weird job and now one side's longer than the other! Sana nagpagupit na lang ako kay Yukito!!!


Anyway. Donna passed Malate, the lit folio (whoohoo!) so she treated me to the McDonald's World Cup Meal. I think I was happier than her when we went up to the office and I saw her name there on black and white. I was jumping all over campus.

I am SUCH a friend.

So when Excited!Donna went to Malate to log in her first hour (they have to log in five hours every week. ergh.) I went to cybernook and found Teresa. I love Teresa. So we went nettin' and afterwards we had coffee at Aristo. (That sounds SO cool, having coffee at Aristo... ^-^) Then I had another stimulating Int'l Studies class (puwede ko bang irepeat 'to next term??). I get to debate next week (watch this! ANOTHER ten!! ^-^) and I'm gonna do a kickass job, coz first of all I'm with Teresa. Heh. TERESA.

Oh. My god.

Well, I'm surfing through LJs in the other window. (Such habits are hard to break) And I found that my favorite professor, that guy I loved to loathe in high school, who everyone knew I hated for being such a smartass (thinly veiled admiration) has a livejournal, and he's on my chatroom, and now I realize that he's the guy who knew who I was in anime-chat and I'm just going Ohmigod it's Sir Raffy I can't believe it's Sir Raffy.

My fucking Kami-sama.

Okay. Deviating from original topic, I'm going to talk about Sir Rafs now. Kase nainspire ako.

I loved Sir Rafs (seraphs) on sight. I only call him Sir Rafs when I'm talking to Icayan or when I'm talking to myself, trying to find writing inspiration. I dunno. The guy, as an English teacher, was cool. He gave us stuff we would never think we'd get from third-year english. And he was good. Really good.

But why, and how, you ask, did he become the guy I loved to loathe? Simple. Icayan became obssessed with him.

And I got sick and tired of Joy stressing over every little bitty fight and thing that he had with her. I guess I got a tad jealous, too, because they were SO close. But then, I supposed, that if being close to him meant having stress like THAT, then, I was better off.

I hated him. Or maybe I didn't. Maybe I loved him so much and I didn't want him to know, because I already saw a lot of Raffy-fangirls fawning all over his genius. I didn't wanna be like that. (Now you see why I steer clear of Juan Paolo Valenciano, GARY Valenciano's eldest son and my BLOCKMATE) I didn't want to be a groupie....

I'm weird that way.

But Sir, anyway. I know you'll never read this, but. I loved you anyway, and I still do, and I still AM jealous of you and Joy.

I always felt so inferior. There's no escaping that ol' high-school mentality.

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