Sunday, July 21, 2002

My cellphone hits. (On G's suggestion. Yeah, I am getting monotonous, aren't I?)

When I had a 3330 I followed my heart and went for transparent purple housing. I had two. One ultra clear lilac and one glitter induced violet. Then I had it backlit with very bright white, like it was a flourescent light in the darkness. Yes, it has served the purpose of flashlight more than once.

It was stolen with the clear lilac housing still on it, and the Card Captor Sakura sticker on the back with Sakura smiling in her "prince" costume for the Sleeping Beauty play. Ah, I loved that phone. I cried many nights for its demise. But my phone would never return. Never again would I have my moving screen savers, never again would I have my spiffy ringtones composed by my own hand by my own blood. Never again would I see my phonebook, filled to the brim with friends from high school, so that I may never forget. Never again would I get to use W@P. Never again, my mother said, when I told her about my phone.

I cried and cried. I seriously did, even if this entry is a parody. I cried day and night, and sometimes at night I dreamt about my phone. By day I had plans of how things could've gone, how I shouldn't have boarded that San Agustin bus that fateful day, how I shouldn't have been so careless as to put my phone in my violet Jansport's front pocket, where it was easy prey.

Alas, my phone was gone.

I began a hunger strike sometime last month, starving myself everyday so I would not spend anything on food. My goal was six thousand five hundred pesos-- the cost of a brand new 3330. I wanted my phone back. Meanwhile I hid all the remains of my old phone. I didn't want to see them again.

I walked around Lotus one day when I had acquired a whopping amount of 700 bucks in my fund bank. That entailed drowning in internet at the library so I wouldn't think about food and avoididn Z-squared at all known cost. I found a store selling brand new 3330s for 7000. I was dismayed. Then I found a store selling me a second hand 3330 for only 4500. I didn't wait around. I ran all the way home muttering "3330" under my breath, and got on the phone with a friend of mine, a 23 year old otaku who had pitied me so much when I called him last, crying over my loss. I asked him for 4500 bucks, promise to pay back, really. He was astounded at the amount I wanted, but worked out a compromise. He would get his best friend, another guy who happened to have a crush on me to give him 2500 and he would give me 2000. Half and half. I put down the phone and began jumping up and down. A phone at last! I could sing!

But things began to complicate. My friend couldn't contact HIS friend. I was doomed for phonelessness thru eternity. I began to despair.

I turned to my mother.

My mother is a generous creature, a wonderful being. Seein my despair, and an ad on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, she proposed to buy me a brand spanking new 3310 at installment from Globe: but I'd have to pay for it with my allowance. I agreed, ready to take it on. 425 measly pesos a month? HA! Chicken.

My mother bought the phone. The clincher is: she didn't ask me to pay up. She did it, out of the goodness of her heart, and, I learned later, she did it because she loved me.

Do I hear an 'awww'?

You're right.

My new cellphone sits beside my keyboard here in Cybernook. I take every pracaution known to man to keep this phone from robbers. I even toned down my jewelry so I don't get robbed. I have acquired new picture messages/screen savers from friends, and I have composed new, faster, higher, stronger ringtones. I have put my genius to work. My phone lives.

I have yet to backlight, or buy new housing. For now, it reamins happy on credit bought by my mother every month (HAIL HER. Go on peons, do it.) and its blue-black original housing. Right now it's screaming out "Believe in yourself" as a screensaver from one of my best friends.

One message received.

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