Saturday, August 24, 2002

So my block went ahead today and did our final exams for International Studies. The exam is... well, unorthodox. First up, it's open notes, you can take it anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE, we were at Starbucks first, then Jollibee, then the Malate office for seven solid hours), you can share answers with all of your classmates, the prof's open for consultation, she tells you how many wrong answers you have and you can replace your answers with new ones for an infinite number of times. Cool yet? We think so.

Still, there are downsides to this setup, as well, a whole BLOCK will confuse themselves silly debating over multiple choice questions and some user-friendly people will go to any length to get answers from the smart people, thereby being parasites.

So what did the demigoddesses do? Simple. We left.

The whole class was gathered at the Velasco building, and in the next classroom was another block with the same prof and the same exam. The idea was to join forces with the other class for increased knowledge power. The idea didn't appeal to us, so Iji, Maite and I took our papers and left Velasco, thereby extricating ourselves from the parasites in our block. Besides, Maite was WAY pissed off as our block president was such a dumb airhead that she didn't know that the papers were supposed to be FETCHED from William Hall and not DELIVERED. Ano sila, mayaman? (That didn't make sense as they ARE La Salle students). So Maite, Iji and I climbed seven flights of stairs to fetch the papers and were thoroughly harassed as we were not only being used as knowledge girls but also as errandwomen! So we hit the road.

Later the blockmates were texting incessantly as the fourth page was apparently missing. Well. We weren't exactly THE cources for that, why not ask the pres? Or even the prof? But no, they had to go to responsible Maite and able Iji and go-get-'em Kari. BLAH.

So we put our phones on SILENT mode. They're not built like that for nothing.

SO then we went to the ultra-hard test (yes it's still hard even if we had all the handouts laid out before us). We finished around %30ish and then went to William. We love the Malate office, even Magic 89.9 was agreeing with us with the music they were playing and the weather was appropriately windy plus we had the demigoddesses minds at work.... we couldn't miss. We went for our first consultation and discovered we had 12 mistakes embedded in our work so we trotted back up to Connon, turned on All-Request Saturday, and went to work.

By the time we were at second consultation the block was finished. We heard some stuff from Joey sweet that we were put on the blacklist and were badmouthed from going our way and leaving them without three geniuses (HA!). Also heard that the class had three mistakes. We went back up for second consultation. 5 mistakes.

Went to work in Miss Nikki's office. Final answers, we said, but then we could still re-answer if we wanted.

She checked it. We held our breaths.


We were elated. We left the office first and then jumped around and screamed our lungs out in the lobby. A kwatro! A frigging kwatro! Fucking shit! A PERFECT GODDAMN SCORE! On her finals! After two, TWO consultations! (The class went for 12 and even had the prof define some terms... we weren't there so we missed all this)

SO now my final grade for International Studies is a whopping 95. Maite got a whopping 100, highest in the class. We got the highest class scores. Like shit. Just us three. Without consultations or prof help. Just us three with our handouts and our heads.

Goes to show you how powerful we are.

11:56 PM
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