Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I saw Alli yesterday! I feel elated!~ Heh. Anyway, I sure hope I wasn't too perky and stuffing. Mou. I tend to react like that to people I like. And Alli, though I know her little, is one of the people I like on sight. (Hey, wait a second. That's applicable to everyone!)

Hmmm. What now, what now... Oh. Class (library orientation, again) got cancelled because there were about, uh, seven people who attended. I know, I know. UAAP. Araneta. Run like hell if you want seats. Then again, you can just go right out the gate if you want tickets. Scalpers abound. They're everywhere.

Sam is here with me in Planet Gokongwei waiting for her chaperone to fetch her. I pity kids like her sometimes, having, well, less freedom for a seventeen year old, then again I can pretty much assess that my mom's hell-lenient.

Which brings me to my next point. I know I'm not a kid anymore, and I know my limits on going home late and such. I have tendencies to abuse my mom's eternal kindness (?!) but last Monday night was just ridiculous.

I went to Yuki's to make him do my poligov project. It's this way big illustration and Yuki kinda helped paint 'cause I'm a klutz if you place me near anything liquid. Anyway, he didn't want me to leave, claiming he'd lack 'motivation' so I went ahead and stayed...

'til 10.


To say that my mom went ballistic would be the understatement of the new millenia. She went way past that and jumped right to lunacy, claiming she never wanted me to go to school again, that she as going to send me to the backwoods province, that I shouldn't go to school on Tuesday morning because she had a hell of a lot more to say.

Like heck I did. I went straight to school the next day. Even bought the Detective Conan singles collection. I went home, and yep. My aunt from the backwoods province WAS there. But only to pick up the stuff my mom bought for my oniichan. Heh.

I don't get it. She was accusing me on grounds of 'wasting away' and not 'studying' and 'gimmicking'. Hello? For the cash that she gives me and for the school that I have, I don't think I've got reason nor right to party. >.>

I'm not a kid. Wish she wouldn't jump to conclusions that way. It's downright unfair.

I don't think I'd get into the DL if I wasn't studying. Not that Lit is a pushover, but I am trying my best. Why doesn't she understand that? Just 'cause I have Sakura posters all over my room doesn't mean I'm immature. I think I've proven myself enough for that.

I'm not a kid.

Update: The Great Debut Debate! round 1

Mom and I did fight about this again. I really ain't doing it. Except maybe if Cernan's gonna be there. [Ekai Dictionary: Term: 'Cernan': AKA Nonoy. Graduating from CCS this year. Gokongwei Alien. Cousin of a cousin, but not blood-related to Ekai in any way. AKA as Ekai's new crush of the week.] Otherwise, no. I'm not up to all the hoopla.

Neesan, I'm on MSN nights mostly. When I get outta school early I'm there noon. Tell me when you ARE there. Even on AIM. I saw Eves-san and Kit-san there but they were both away...


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