Sunday, March 09, 2003

Have you ever...
{x} Fallen for your best friend? Yes. Back in high school.
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? Define "just a friend". 'Cause I made out with a guy who was my friend but I had a crush on him.
{x} Been rejected? Can't say that I have. (Maybe I'm just very, very, lucky?)
{x} Been in love? Too many times for my own good, I think.
{x} Been in lust? No.
{x} Used someone? To my own malevolent means? Hell, yes.
{x} Been used? As a scapegoat, yes.
{x} Cheated on someone? No. Too loyal for my own good, too.
{x} Been cheated on? Yes.
{x} Done something you regret? So many times, I wish I could turn back time to correct myself...

Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? Mike, from RDC.
{x} You talked to? The RDC crowd. (Rei-kun, Paul, Pika-san, Quincy)
{x} You hugged? Belldandy-'neesan
{x} You instant messaged? Eve-chama. It's been a loooooooong time since I used IM.
{x} You kissed? The Macster.
{x} You yelled at? Pikachu, from RDC.
{x} You laughed with? Genuinely? Oniichan.

Have you/are you/do you....
{x} Considered a life of crime? Not really. I think about committing murder one but not making a life out of it.
{x} Considered being a hooker? Why?
{x} Considered being a pimp? Ditto with previous question.
{x} Are you psycho? I'm surrounded by psychos that it rubs off on me sometimes.
{x} Split personalities? I used to think so.
{x} Schizophrenic? =.- No.
{x} Obsessive? About men.
{x} Obsessive compulsive? Maite tells me I'm OC.
{x} Panic? Half the time, yeah.
{x} Anxiety? Ditto.
{x} Depressed? I try not to dwell on it, but I do.
{x} Suicidal? Only when I'm in a quandary.
{x} Obsessed with hate? I recently acquired a hateful urge.
{x} Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? No.
{x} Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? No.
{x} Understanding: Too understanding, I get to know what people do before they do them.
{x} Open-minded: I suppose...
{x} Arrogant: Sometimes.
{x} Insecure: Too much.
{x} Interesting: *cocks head* No idea.
{x} Hungry: Right now, yes.
{x} Friendly: Too friendly, aren't I, people?
{x} Smart: I like to think so.
{x} Moody: Slightly.
{x} Childish: I'm TWELVE!
{x} Independent: Only when I want to be.
{x} Hard working: Nope. Or only when it's necessary.
{x} Organized: Half the time only.
{x} Healthy: Er?
{x} Emotionally Stable: Are you kidding me?
{x} Shy: Never was shy.
{x} Difficult: I may be easy, but I'm not cheap!
{x} Attractive: I try.
{x} Bored Easily: Nope.
{x} Thirsty: Right now, a Kool-Aid will REALLY help.
{x} Responsible: Only when necessary.
{x} Sad: Too often.
{x} Happy: Too often.
{x} Trusting: Too much.
{x} Talkative: Depends on the people I'm talking to.
{x} Original: I think differently, if that's what you mean.
{x} Different: Ditto.
{x} Unique: I copy my favorite anime shoujo. They're unique.
{x} Lonely: These days, I'm too wound up to be lonely.
{x} Color your hair? No, but people think so.
{x} Have tattoos? I will get a barcode at the back of my neck.
{x} Piercings? Two, one on each ear.
{x} Have a boyfriend? I've had seven but I don't have one now.
{x} Floss daily? Not really.
{x} Own a webcam? My dad has got.
{x} Ever get off the damn computer? When I'm tired and sleepy and bored and can't do anything.
{x} Sprechen sie deutsche? Iie, gomen nasai.
{x} Habla espanol? Only Chabacano.

{x} Current Clothes: House clothes: Loose sleeveless white shirt and lilac shorts.
{x} Current Mood: Hot. The temperature's scorchy.
{x} Current Taste: Classic. Always classic.
{x} Current Hair: Max Guevara curls.
{x} Current Annoyance: Bloody temperature!~
{x} Current Smell: Bubblegum cologne.
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: Fooding.
{x} Current Desktop Picture: Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley from HPCOS
{x} Current Favorite Group: Bloo, Coldplay, Phantom Planet
{x} Current Book: Tom Clancy's Net Force
{x} Current DVD In Player: HP COS
{x} Current Refreshment: Vanilla Coke!~
{x} Current Worry: Getting into nursing college.
{x} Current Crush: I hate myself, but K.
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity: I have two words for you. Tom, and Felton.

{x} Food: Japanese.
{x} Drink: Vanilla Coke!~
{x} Color: Purple. Got a problem with that?
{x} Shoes: Lilac beaded sandals.
{x} Candy: Hershey's Black Chocolate
{x} TV Show: Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh... Charmed, Buffy, Malcolm in the Middle, Clueless, Sabrina, anime... I'm an addict
{x} Movie: HP COS, Treasure Planet, Chicago
{x} Dance: I don't dance.
{x} Vegetable: Potatoes.
{x} Fruit: I try not to eat fruit if it's not wrapped in my California Maki.

On Dating...
{x} Long or short hair? Short hair. I want my hair better than his by five times.
{x} Dark or blond hair? Dark.
{x} Tall or short? Taller than me by a couple inches and not a foot more!
{x} Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? Had 'em both and they both suck.
{x} Good boy or bad boy? Had 'em both and it's a toss-up. I don't really care.
{x} Dark or light eyes? Dark.
{x} Hat or no hat? Some guys look great with hats. I dunno. Depends on how it looks.
{x} Pierced or no? K's left ear is pierced and I hate myself for liking it! Aaaaaaaargh, it's a disease, I tell you.
{x} Freckles or none? No. I don't like my men spotted. XDXD
{x} Stubble or neatly shaved? *burinkuu* Eh, shaved.
{x} Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? Sportyyyyy.

On preferences...
{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate.
{x} McDonalds or Burger King? BK RULES!
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? Perfect lover.
{x} Sweet or sour? Sweet.
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Rootbeer.
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Anything works, I'm a movie buff.
{x} Cats or dogs? Cats. (Sorry, oniichan.)
{x} Ocean or Pool? Pool. Both do okay.
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Ranch.
{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling? Is this a trick question?
{x} With or without ice-cubes? Ice.
{x} Shine or rain? Too much shine is bad. Rain is always nice.
{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? Winteeeeeeeeeeer.
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate. (DUH?)
{x} Gloves or mittens? Mittens. So kawaii.
{x} Eyes open or closed? Closed.
{x} Fly or breathe under water? Why not molecular deceleration?
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? Water.
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? Hard candy.
{x} Motor boat or sailboat? It doesn't matter, both get me seasick..
{x} Lights on or off? Off.
{x} Chicken or fish? Chicken.

What's your favorite:.
{x} Number? 7
{x} Holiday? Thalia Day. XDXD Christmas.
{x} Radio station? Magic 89.9, RX 93.1 (Brad Turvey!~), 99.5 RT
{x} Place? Metro Manila.
{x} Flower? Tulip roses.
{x} Scent? Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers and men's cologne. *swoon*

{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Back in December, there was a fateful night when I said all the wrong things to the right boy on our front yard. I wanna be back there.
{x} What would you be doing? Taking back everything I said and not walking out on him.
{x} What are you listening to? My brothers watching CN's "Zoids"
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? I pick at my hands to the point of blood.
{x} Do you have a favourite animal? Cats. (Sorry, oniichan!)

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