Thursday, June 26, 2003

walk on water

Anyway, on to school. So far this week three of my classes have been cancelled on me, something I'm not really complaining about, but hey. It does take a lot of hassle to get from my house to school (two hours' worth of hassle, to be exact), so to find that I need to go to school for one measly class tends to put a damper on my mood. Wuberly friends are always around, of course-- I only need to take one train to get from my school to La Salle and once I'm there all I need to do is whip out my cellphone and ask for someone to rescue me.

Yesterday all Pantheon members were present for the now legendary Wednesday meetings save for He Who Was Working On A Wedding (that's aside from his other title: my Somewhat Non-existent Brother, Who Has Cancelled On Me Three Times This Week Now) <-- I'm joking, really. XDXD Including a someone I had never met before, Marcelle.

Erm. All I do have to say is, Belldandy, you were right. *bows*

Life so far in school isn't so bad. It helps that I already have a friend before school actually began, so he texts me whenever the schedules change or the room assignment changes, and I can tell you right now those things change a LOT. So, a big thank you to Ryan, kabarkada, kaibigan, tagaturo ng Algebra, kasama sa Rob Place. Halabyu, pare. XDXD

The schedule I have is the wonkiest yet in my college career. I've got night classes, man. As in I dismiss around seven or eight-thirty in the evening. Which makes getting a ride home off Kalaw very, very difficult.

And it rains, too. Have I ever mentioned how much I hated rain?

Blockmates consist of people who are either fresh graduates and transferees like me. I think there are a lot more transferees than there are graduates among us. I'm not complaining. A bunch of boisterous youngsters fresh out of high school makes things entertaining.

No, really. I feel like I'm in high school again. Which is not a bad thing.

Although I have to admit that most of my friends are the transferees.

Yesterday Logic class was let out two hours too early. From Urd-'nee I had discovered the presence of a Robinson's Place mall walking distance from the school (that was the time we were searching all over Manila for a certain brother of hers for a certain debutante's bash). Nothing to do and nowhere to go, I grabbed hold of Ryan and two more girls-- Carmel, a transferee from (!!) La Salle Dasma, and Joy, from FEU. I then dragged them to the local mall.

The trip was productive-- Carmel got herself a new pair of earrings as Joy and I shared our fascination for anything purple including transparent violet cellphone cases and jewelry laden with stars. (Soulmate!)

We all went back to school only to find that our last class had been cancelled. There was talk of going to Rob, again, but I declined, Ryan went to CSB and I went home.

Well, not really. I went to a computer shop and remade my layout.


You know, all one has to do is look at the heading up there. I think they'd get it.

"Does that mean I have to walk on water?"

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