Monday, June 30, 2003

All the Heaven I Need is Here

I have had what could be considered as one of the very best weeks of my life to date.

It is true that I have a six-day work week, that my whole weekend has been taken up by school, night classes to be more precise, and though at first I was intensely apprehensive, I find that going to school, at any given hour, is fun.

Well, only if my *new* friends are around.

An average class in my school is supposed to consist of at least thirty-five people. My class only consists of an average of seventeen people at one time. The explanation: most kids in my section are transferees (irregulars, like me) and second-coursers. There are a handful of regular fresh-outta-highscool people, and THOSE guys are what have been making my days a lot easier on me.

Being around these kids is FUN. It's fun in a non-demanding, non-complicated, totally innocent way. Operative word: 'kids'. They're fresh out of schools and are only now tasting college freedom, a concept so new to them that they have to grasp at every single strand of it that they can find. I feel younger again. As if I were one of them, though I know better, which gives me an edge above them all. I am after all only a year older than they are. Which is perfect in a way because I act too young for my age, I'm told.

Is that not so fun?

My closest friends are a bunch of boys-- yes, boys. Some things do change. A while back I could never make friends with guys, to hang with them and eat with them and joke around with them-- I had to have a group of girls around me whether we went out with boys or not. Just today (Sunday) I spent my afternoon with a bunch of four very smart, very sweet boys-- and the only girl being me. These boys I believe I have close relations to, closer than the girls in my block (though they are all my friends as well). Lester, Bestfriend!A.J., Hibiki, and Gie. I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time with them, mostly after or between classes (since we have breaks that range five hours).

Lester is someone most people would consider a class clown, he's loud and proud and funny and boisterous at times. Which is why no one believes he also graduated valedictorian and is an SK kagawad. Even I didn't believe it myself when I heard of it from Ryan. I call him Boss Chairman for the heck of it, and he actually answers. He's a very intelligent guy, someone who listens to the same frequency I do. We go on the same wavelength. We click, we talk, we joke and we laugh our heads off. When I'm talking to Lester I never run out of things to say, or to laugh about, since he's so vain, he's vainer than I am. He takes me and Gie shopping for clothes with him. How can I not have fun? ^-^ Plus, he's ready for anything. He will do anything as long as he can have a laugh about it. Spontaneous is the word for it.

He's also conscientious. Whenever we go out in groups we tend to go different ways in the mall, but he's always willing to wait for people, to tell them where to meet at what specific time. He's willing to call or text people who are late or are lost just so we can all get back to school together. Barkada mentality. Bawal ang iwanan.

Bestfriend!A.J. is my guy best friend-- something I proclaimed him to be only this morning. We were talking about best friends and everyone else had a best friend in the opposite sex and I suddenly wailed that I wanted one and he volunteered. ^-^ So I took him, and now we call each other "best". We have a lot in common-- we both like anime, and that's saying something, and we're both interested in card-playing (Magic the Gathering. I'm sensing a weird pattern here) and computers. Plus A.J. is sweet, he doesn't like leaving other people out, especially me, his self-procalimed "besh". ^-^

Hibiki's real name is Thomas, aka Tom-- but he sent me a text message two nights ago calling me Meia, from the Vandread series. Since then I call him by no other name but Hibiki. ^-^ He's fun, always game for anything-- I suggested we go for Dance Dance Revolution this afternoon and the guys all went for it, something I sorely miss-- having fun-loving-unafraid-to-try-anything guys around me who have no malicious intent. Plus he texts every night just to tell me good night, and he's funny. Sweet guy, that. And I _like_ being called Meia. ^-^

If I wanna play pranks on people, my partner in crime's Hibiki. No contest. ^-^

And then there's Gie.

Gie is... special to me. His real name's Reginald, some people call him Reggie, some call him Reg, but someone told me he'd rather be called Gie and I of course, complied.

[All RIGHT already! I have a big crush on this guy! You saw it coming, right??]

I thought at first he was some sort of immature jerk (then again I thought they all were-- so much for first impressions, which I will explain in a bit) because he was one of the guys making fun of Lester's crush on Carmel that first day, but then when I got to talk to him, he's actually pretty decent. What the hell, he's VERY decent. He's flippant, funny-- he's also game (they all are. That's what makes them so fun), and he respects girls. A lot. Not that the others don't-- they do, but Gie's a gentleman in every sense of the word.

Gie's not a man of many words the way Lester is-- he's not exactly boisterous and loud... more like 'mischievous', I'd say-- he's not too quiet, either. He just doesn't talk if you won't talk to him and because I am the queen of talk of course I'll talk to him! He has a straight answer to any straight question, he's not afraid to laugh at himself or laugh with me, he's cute (ALANGAN?!), he's smart, and he can ride on my wavelength (though not as well as Lester does).

He's also taken.

I would have been appalled if he wasn't, but this just in from Lester-- he's about to break up with his girlfriend of five months. Not, of course, that it doesn't make me the least bit happy, but I try not to be deliriously crazy about it-- that's just not right. Besides, I like him enough as my friend because there's no pressure, no weight, no nothing, just fun (I seem to be mentioning that word a lot in this post). It's like I told Diane-- "I'm cool being his friend. If something happens, then that'd be great, if nothing happens, that's okay, too".

Still, he's CUTE. He's exactly my type-- he's chinito, I like his sense of style, he has a good enough sense of humor to understand my jokes and actually get in on them, and he's easy around me-- he can make fun of me and I can joke about him and have a good laugh about it-- not exactly something I allow guys to do to me.

My blockmates really are very sweet-- all of them, the girls and the guys. The day we all exchanged numbers I got a good night message from each of them, even though they knew I didn't have load and wouldn't be able to reply. The girls aren't bad-- rollicking barrel of laughs, those; but I keep to my boys and they keep me with them because they tell me I'm 'cool'.

They told me at first that I came off as 'standoffish', mainly because the first day I introduced myself to them in class I also, in the process, bit my professor's head off. I had a 'shocking' quality, they said. Plus I talked like a foreigner and was a transferee from DLSU-M. They didn't think I was someone they could relate to, someone they could hang with-- Sheryl and Diane didn't even think I knew how to commute.

I'm glad I have changed these people's opinions of me. I'm not an uberb*tch, I'm really not! ^-^

These guys make my days. When I go home I don't feel a heaviness in my heart, and I haven't been crying any more. It's like I can never be sad with these people in my life now-- where they insist every day that I cannot forget them, should not forget them-- that they are there. The text I get from them every night makes me smile in a very idiotic, very ecstatic way.

I have found a haven. And no more tears fall from my eyes.

On an extremely freaky, very scary note-- the Manila Pavilion flowershop is now called "Dreamcatcher Flowers". To people who get what I mean-- well, good.

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