Sunday, July 06, 2003

My very own Reni

Guess what, 'Neesama!~ I've found myself a real life Reni. ^-^

Well, save of course for the fact that ST!Reni is a girl. This one's a guy.

Ever since school began I'd been calling myself Iris-- something of an obsessive-compulsive thing to want to change names in honor of cataclysmic life changes. Also, something of a convenience-- having three given first names is HARD and taxing, plus it's too much of a butt of jokes so I threatened everybody in my block to an ass-kicking if they call me by any other name than Iris. They complied, not without much effort, and though I get the occasional "Asan yung Iris dun?" ("Where's the Iris in your name?"), it's still all good.

Anyway, the Reni. A few days ago we were released early from General Psychology so I went to Frio with my boys for shakes and later walked to nearby Robinson's Place because Chairman claimed he and the other guys had trouble getting rides from U.N. We had time to burn and Chairman's money to spend (XD) so we agreed. I tandemmed with Gie and watched Chairman help Diane shop for clothes. Sweet.

It doesn't feel real, this every day mall-hopping, gimmick-trolling. Well, it does-- feels like the realest thing I've had since that brief respite in Tokyo, where I actually felt -in- the crowd and not hovering somewhere above my body in such group outings. Anyway, at seven pm we were ready to hit the road and walked toward the exit--

--and saw torrents of extremely strong rain pouring down the world in waves. We ought to have expected such a downpour-- it was raining already when we left Frio and the streets were wet with the water (Gie was lamenting his ele-pants-- he was mopping the sidewalks clean with them, as well as holding the umbrella keeping us dry AND having me on his arm to deal with. Sweet guy, that, have I mentioned? ^-^). We took one look at the storm and immediately about-faced-- we'd wait the storm out for a little. I texted my mother, claiming that I'd forgotten my umbrella. Then I borrowed Gie's jacket to take home as proof.

An hour later, the storm had let up some but the rain hadn't stopped. Diane was getting paranoid (more like her parents were getting paranoid-- five missed calls?) so we walked back to Taft Avenue. Hibiki got on an FX with Diane, and Bes!AJ... walked. Some place. No idea where, because he didn't say-- speculation was to a girl's house, someone named Ciara (someone I only call Bes' Career). That left Chairman, Reggie, Kat and me, and they agreed to wait for me to get a ride before they left themselves. They were all getting soaked-- I was, partially, but I had Gie's jacket on, and he wasn't letting me take it off.

Gie and I talked more (We talk a LOT. Odd. I talk to him more than I talk to my own best guy friend.) and then he joked that I didn't have a nickname for him. Of all my four guys he's the only one I still call by name-- Lester has been turned into Boss Chairman, Tom into Hibiki, AJ into Bes. I stood there thinking about a good nickname, and it occurred to me.


As in, Milchstrasse Reni. Iris' Reni.

Well, it's closest to his name, isn't it? And true to Iris form he and I have become quite practically inseparable. Which isn't really our fault. Because the guys insist on pushing us together. Which isn't really bad.

Not at all, not at all. ^-^


Last night Hibiki texted to say that we all had to wear red, pang tamang trip. I complied and when the group got together, we clashed horribly, which made the situation more fun, since we went to SM Manila like that, and a bunch of people there wore red, too.

Reni and I talked more over lunch (Note to self: take care of Reni-- boy's too thin). I read in a magazine that if you wanted a guy, you had to grill him like a vegetable kebab, and since I'm a fan of grills, I interrogated the guy and squeezed him for all the information he was worth. I am now armed with the knowledge of all his ex-girlfriends, his family, his favorite colors, music, hobbies (the guy's a Time Crisis hustler. He's better than Mac. And Magic the Gathering.), fashion sense, what he likes and does not like in a girl, and his present girlfriend's somewhat funny story.

And that he's got -some- "experience".

No, seriously. When he told me, I GAPED at him. And then he told me it was with a twenty-one year old woman who already had a three year old kid. My jaw dropped to the floor. I can't exactly say anything, other than the very intelligent "whoa, d00d". He's only eighteen-- an exact month older than me (give or take a few days).

I'll say it again-- whoa, d00d.

Y'know, I could go on histrionic mode and squeal all over here and gush about him but I do that so much when I'm with Diane (and when he's not around) that it seems a bit overboard.

But by God, I really, really like this guy. I do.

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