Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Something To Be Said

Reni didn't come to Logic class. He was late (again. He's never early, come to think). Sir Bart released us an hour early, so I left the classroom for the lounge up front of the building and sprawled on the couch with Kat and Diane.

Next thing I knew Reni was sitting on the couch's armrest next to me.

There's something to be said about fate being stupid-- you cling to a guy and the response is nada. You make out with him under a drunken stupor and then decide to stay away from him for the sake of your mortal soul (and his) and BOOM. That's when he decides he wants to get close. Literally and figuratively.

Me: *kicks fate* Idiot. I need two weeks' notice.

Later Diane left my side so Reni occupied her seat and, well, _leaned_ against me. Not that it isn't pleasant, but I intend to make my promises hold because YES, people, it's my mortal soul on the line. More to the point-- I KNOW what it feels like to have your boyfriend stolen away from right under you and it is never a good thing. Ever.

He kind of draped himself over me so his head can rest on the armrest on my right. Which was all right, until I made him move because a prof might see us both and bring us grief we both didn't want.

But before that, the people were talking about going to Malate again. I heard Diane beg off and I echoed, but then Reni turned his head to me and said "No, you have to come."

Me: I don't want to drink.
Reni: So we won't. We'll just go.
Me: That's what Hibiki said, too. But he drank anyway.
Reni: We WON'T drink.
Me: Of course we will. And then stuff's going to happen again. And I don't want anything to happen anymore. Because you still have a girlfriend. And it's not right.

He turned his back on me and muttered something incomprehensible. I only heard the words "wala" (none) and "girlfriend", but I can't be sure. And that was when I made him move off me because a prof passed.

It's not like I said anything wrong. But I have this intense desire to apologize anyway.

Diane and I went to Frio later for dinner and left the others at Times Plaza. I left Reni there without so much as a goodbye. Hibiki followed fifteen minutes later; he was alone but he was carrying the handouts Reni was going to lend me for our Psych report.

He never followed me.

Baka raw natauhan.

Personally, I don't know. I have no fucking idea. Sis and I are watching Lizzie McGuire tomorrow. With Hibiki. Possibly with Reni.

I still hope things are okay.

Wonky interpersonal relationships SUCK.

I wish I was more like Sakura-'neesama.

6:36 AM
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